Mammalia Mundi
A Multilingual Nomenclature for the Mammals of the World

The database "Mammalia Mundi" was elaborated from the "Dictionary of animal names in five languages, Mammals section" published by Ak V.E. Sokolov during the 80's, in Moscow.
This dictionary proposes, from the taxonomic sequence of mammals, a translation of the latin taxa names into Russian, English, German and French.

This dictionary is being updated as the systematics of mammals has greatly evolved during the last 20 years.

Search for names can be performed either by following the systematic order of the taxonomy, or from the common name of the species in five different languages.

For each species, you will find also links towards pictures of the species orinformation related to conservation or references

You may consult 641 mammal species belonging to 8 orders, 51 families and 269 genera.

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