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Conservation & Sustainable Development

Biodiversity and Conservation in Africa

Our aim is to give access to a set of resources gathered during a lot of stays, missions, expeditions or travels in the African continent, North of the Equator.
These documents have been collected in the frame of the activities of the Laboratory of Socioecology and Conservation (UCBL1, Lyon University, France) or for the NGO Conservation and Sustainable Development.
They represent a base of knowledge for everybody involved in different aspects of the study of biodiversity on the African continent, concerned by its issues, or interested by the displays of the landscapes, forgetting not some manifestations of a species we particularly care for it, Homo sapiens.

In relation with the progressive computerization of the documents, the following resources will be progressively available.

Saharan Vertebrates Bibliography

Biodiversity and Conservation in Africa

Landscapes and Ecosystems of Northern Africa

Rock Art

Flora of North Africa